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  • Peter Lewis became a registered member 2 months, 1 week ago · 

  • I added an instructional video to the home page that shows how to add smacks. It’s nothing utterly impressive, as I would like a more thorough introduction to the website, but it will suffice for now. Moving […]

  • I’ve added more functionality to the website. Now would be a good time to go back through and summarize where the website is, and begin to put it out there for testing and initial exposure. What started as a […]

  • Steven King started the topic General Site Discussion in the forum Main 4 months, 2 weeks ago · 

    This topic is about this website itself.

  • Ok, so I spent most of the time today switching out a plugin to a new one that handles a few aspects of integrating popular social media with the site. Along with sharing options that appear on all the smack […]

  • I plan on going back to read all these blog posts at some point, but everything posted so far is completely unedited, raw input. I may find I am repeating myself later on, but need the ability to get everything […]

  • I spent a bit of time looking for a good way to put a shopping cart icon in the header, and ended up just doing it via a plugin. I’d like the cart showing in the header on mobile view at all times, but it is […]

  • Steven King changed their profile picture 4 months, 2 weeks ago · 

  • Steven King became a registered member 4 months, 3 weeks ago · 

  • I just added the ability to control how many coupons members are able to post. It seems to be working, but will keep an eye on it to make sure. The blog feed post type is not being restricted.

  • Here is a new list of the key site functions as it pertains to users:

    Geo intelligent – It prompts the user to allow the site to retrieve their location, then stores it as a cookie.

    Geo feed – The coupon […]

  • Originally when I came back to work on the site, I was stumped in using the PDF coupon delivery system, but ended up encountering another issue. The coupon delivery system is now up and running, but there are a […]

  • I went ahead and added in a few other plugins. One security plugin, I won’t mention, but it’s great. I also added Smush so when new images are added to the site they are automatically compressed, which will help […]

  • Yes, it has been 20 days since I have worked on the site. I ended up getting stuck on exactly how the coupon is going to be handled by the user and delivered to the customer. I have a voucher plugin enabled, which […]

  • I thought I would take time out once again to record what’s been happening the past couple days. So the main focus has been on making the products feed, or smacks, to show the most current and closest items to the […]

  • So I spent the better part of my day trying to figure out the errors on the SSL I ordered for the site. I can’t entirely blame the host. I needed to go back through the images and make sure the code was changed to […]

  • I’ve decided to go back to the original concept of the site, formerly named Kuponze (and I may still use it). Smackers will have the ability to post coupon offers for their local goods and services. An ecommerce […]

  • I spent most of my time yesterday working on some of the styling aspects of the website. I included a front page hero image which works extremely well with the color scheme. It’s an open source image I grabbed off […]

  • Quite easily, a chat application has been implemented. Registered users have access to communicate with others through a messaging system, and an impressive private chat. The volume of users can get quite […]

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