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So, what’s SmackPress?

Pure and simple, SmackPress is a WordPress-based, member website where you can shop for local deals on goods and services, buy the best coupon offers available anywhere, post ads for free, and chat with other members via the social network. We are a mash up of some of the top social media and coupon-site platforms, offering an easy, lucid platform for promoting yourself, your thoughts or your business.

How it Works

Register an account for access to post blog entries to the main feed and to post ads. The interface works directly off the WordPress backend, as you will see the toolbar at the top of the site when you log in. From the toolbar, manage your profile, friends, update your statuses, comment on other entries, post a blog to the main feed, or post smacks in the ad stream.

(Please Note: Like any other user generated site out there, SmackPress is evolving. It’s also still in the launch/beta phase. Full website features for posting ads is currently unavailable until a merchant system is established to handle individual purchases. Please refer to our main blog for more information on site development.)

Developer Notes

The ultimate vision for this website is (was) to become a premier shopping source for the best coupon offers available anywhere. Originally conceived through research and market analysis, SmackPress (formerly Kuponze) was literally born from an Ecommerce web development project for a college course. My aim is to provide a platform in which businesses can post free coupon offers in their area, and not have to pay such a high commission to do so. I then recently decided to bring a social network structure into the concept, with the end product being somewhat of a hybrid of some of the top coupon and social media sites. Basically, at this point,I am looking to see where this leads, and to develop partnerships with others much brighter than me that can help develop the project to completion. But for now, SmackPress is the WordPress driven version of my concept. Let’s proceed…

I considered developing this website completely offline, and launching it only after it is fully completed, but decided to go a different route. As I develop the site, I will be blogging my way towards completion and announcement of official launch. Please head over to my blog page for the latest news and developments.

Steven King | Web King, LLC